Popular Kitchen Style Design Ideas For Comfortable Old Kitchen 37
Popular Kitchen Style Design Ideas For Comfortable Old Kitchen 37

30+ Popular Kitchen Style Design Ideas For Comfortable Old Kitchen

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Old World kitchens have become more popular recently. Typical door styles in this type of kitchen can be either arched or square top.Distressing gives the Old World kitchen a worn look. Antiqued finishes and thicker crown molding build-ups are common elements of the Old World kitchen style.Natural materials are often used for floors and countertops helping to complete the Old World look. Glass door cabinets, hand carvings as well as open shelf cabinets can all be incorporated in the Old World kitchen style.

Ideal color schemes for the Tuscan Style to Mediterranean architecture. These would be colors of warm gold, darker yellows, and olive green.Typical sink choices for this style would be porcelain or stone. Kitchen furniture may be made of wood or wrought iron. Wide plank distressed wood flooring is an excellent compliment to the Tuscan Style along with textured wall plaster and paint applications. The overall look and feel should be rustic and warm.It emphasizes architectural details like crown moldings, raised wood paneling and rich, deep colors to enhance the mood and ‘traditional’ feel. Also, dark stains, honey tones, semi-opaque paints, wicker baskets and oak cabinets add to the more formal feel than the country style.

Typical features include square raised panel doors with larger crown moldings. Materials used in the Traditional cabinet style include cherry, mahogany and walnut. Metal accents can be found usually in brass or gold tones.The color palette includes a range of intense hues in red, black, green and blue. Wall treatments can include paneling and wall covering with small patterns. Countertops continue the formal feel and are commonly found in ceramic or stone tile with use of granite becoming more popular.

There are many different facets to this kitchen style. There is the American, the English, and the French). But the fact remains that this is one of the favorite and comfortable environments for many people. This rustic, weathered look creates a warm cozy feeling in a country style home.The cabinet doors may even be left off to display colorful dishes, making the inside of the cabinet part of the decor of the overall space. A butcher block or hand-painted tiles are both great pieces. You can add charm to your kitchen by putting potted herbs in the windows of the kitchen.

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