Modern Bathroom Design Ideas With Go Green Concept 35
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas With Go Green Concept 35

30+ Modern Bathroom Design Ideas With Go Green Concept

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Green will always be our pursuit, without which life is meaningless. No doubt that naturalism is the most overwhelming design style today, which is not only embodied in material selection, product shape and color positioning but also in space planning and artistic conception construction. Green is the biggest comfort to soul in this grey city.

Slowly appreciating the natural scene outside as bathing, where will your train of thoughts go along with the breeze when your heart and soul dissolved in the fresh and green right outside the window? Nature is beauty and this beauty lies in the pursuit of harmony rather than deliberate polishing.

Under the guideline of simple but decent, to adopt a “L” shape bathroom layout so thus to break the over-enclosed bathroom private style in terms of space. Position the square and spacious bathtub right behind the window and arrange the storage rack by the two sides of the vanity, to reflect the hiding elegancy by rusticity and geniality.

In a bathroom of naturalism style, whether or not the furniture is stocky or delicate or even simple, solid wood should be the first and best material choice. As there are always be moisture in the bathroom, forever to choose the moisture-proof furniture in case of future trouble.A bringing-in of open-air plants, sun shine and cloud shadow by a large window rather than to chase nature by going outside, you will obtain the feeling of bathing in nature when taking your shower. Be remember to make the window as large as possible.

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