Cute Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas To Have Asap 42
Cute Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas To Have Asap 42

20+ Cute Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas To Have Asap

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It’s Christmas again, and you’re looking at the stacks of decorations you put away last January. It can seem like quite a challenge, especially if you don’t think you’re very good when it comes to decorating. But Christmas decor is something that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. With the tips below, you’ll be feeling Christmas cheer in no time.

First, take a good look around your house or apartment. There are a lot of places where a spot of Christmas decor will work wonders. There are the obvious places, like your fireplace mantal, and putting lights along your rooftop, but don’t forget about your stairs, your bathroom and yes, even the kitchen!

When you’re thinking about decorating your stairs, the first thought that probably comes to mind is winding a garland or a length of greenery around the bannister. To add a bit of flare, find a battery operated string of Christmas lights, and twine that in around your garland or greens. Another nice touch is to place small pots of poinsettias along the edge of alternating steps. (If you have animals, however, be wary about poinsettias, as they have poisonous parts.)

Putting a Christmas wreath on your front door is an easy festive touch, but don’t forget that wreaths look good inside your home, too. Mistletoe is lovely in doorways, and makes for great laughs when you’re holding your annual Christmas party. You can tie bows anywhere – the backs of chairs, on doorknobs, the corners of your tablecloth – and indoor Christmas lights don’t belong just on your tree or around your windows.

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