Awesome Loft Stair Design Ideas For Tiny House To Try Asap 40
Awesome Loft Stair Design Ideas For Tiny House To Try Asap 40

20+ Awesome Loft Stair Design Ideas For Tiny House To Try Asap

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When you are planning a loft conversion, the first thing you should think about is access, unfortunately this is often overlooked when planning a budget for the project adding unplanned time and expense in order to complete the work. Steps, stairs or ladders are the obvious solution, however there are some legal considerations to be made. This is an article about the legalities of building a stairway into your loft.

It is not as simple as deciding how big or small, steep or gentle you would like the stairs to be, as the law states that the maximum slope or pitch of the case is 42 degrees. This narrows the choice of measurements you can have for the going and the rise, which are further limited by their own restrictions, the maximum rise is 220mm and the minimum going is also 220mm. You cannot use these measurements together as they would create a pitch of 45 degrees.

Currently here is no regulation about the width of a staircase in to your loft, however it’s recommended that the minimum width should be not less than 600mmOpen risers must have a gap big enough to allow a 100mm ball to pass through, it is the same for any spindles on handrails. The rail should have a minimum height of 900mm

Headroom should be at least 2000mm, however this is often not physically possible for a loft conversion so the rules may be relaxed a little, but you should always check with your local council and their building inspector.Stairs with alternating treads may look good and they need much less space than a conventional one, however, legally they can only be used as a loft staircase when there is not enough physical space to install a more standard one, and they give access to a single room plus a bathroom that is in addition to the main one.

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