Splendid Fairy Jar Lantern Design Ideas You Need To Try 30
Splendid Fairy Jar Lantern Design Ideas You Need To Try 30

20+ Splendid Fairy Jar Lantern Design Ideas You Need To Try

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Load shedding lanterns are super quick, easy to make. An added bonus, is that they are extremely cost effective. The are safe, especially for children, as there is no burn, or fire hazard. And last but not least, they are kind to the environment. The fact that they look simply gorgeous, are a wonderful side benefit.

We all know the old adage, about what to do when life gives you lemons. You can bemoan your sour fate, make lemonade, or pour some tequila and embrace it. We have decided to go the latter route with our current load shedding troubles. Rather than being left in the dark, we are embracing it, so to speak.

Us, South Africans are so resiliant, and instead of grumbling and griping about the inconvenience of it all, we’re choosing the how-can-we-make-this-cool-route. And actually, it is all rather easy.

We love our beautiful world, and would like it to be as beautiful for future generations. Thus recycling is a no-brainer. Putting that which we no longer use, to good use, far beats the alternative, of creating landfill. Every little bit we do towards going green is helping to save the planet.

So what to do? One early evening when our lights went off, and we were left with no television to watch. While wondering around with a torch, and looking for candles and matches, we came across a few empty glass jars standing around. We then, quite literally had a lightbulb moment! Load shedding lanterns!

All you need is a glass jar, (which most of us have lying around), some battery operated fairy lights (loads of bargain shops have these), and a few AA batteries. Pop the batteries into the fairy lights, put them in the jar, and there you have it! Stunning load shedding lanterns. We’ve made quite a few, and have put them all over the house, so that when darkness descends we’re sorted. In fact they look better on at night than our bedside lamps.

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