Surprising Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas You Need To Try 46
Surprising Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas You Need To Try 46

20+ Surprising Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas You Need To Try

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Before freezing temperatures set in, sweep and wash down your porch, clearing the cobwebs and dust.Clean and put away your seasonal outdoor furniture until spring. Winter’s cold temperatures and dry air can be harsh on your furniture.On a reasonably warm day, wash your outdoor furniture with a soft brush and a warm bucket of mild sudsy water. Rinse well with your hose and allow to fully dry before covering and storing. Furniture covers are helpful for off-season.But a bare porch for winter? Hardly!

Have fun with color and textures to add charm to your porch – even in January. How about these cool front porch ideas to jazz your home and your soul?Paint your front door an awesome color as a focal pointHang a splashy, fragrant winter wreath on your front door – pine cones, evergreen boughs, berries laced with colorful ribbons and bowsWrap a seasonal garland around the frame of your front door.Display an attractive grouping of heavy crocks and urns on your steps or off to the side.

Hang colorful wall art that you paint yourself – like welcome signs, a group of winter birds, or a brightly painted quilt pattern on bead board.Purchase thick, colorful seasonal outdoor door mats to welcome friends and family. Consider a mat made of coir fibers or a waterhog door mat to trap water, dirt, ice and snow.Place a sturdy tray for boots near your front door.Load up your firewood in a handsome firewood holder you store on your porch.Prop up a bright red sled beside your front door.

Decorate the handle of an old winter shovel with ribbons and straw flowers.Hang several melodic wind chimes.Put up a mini clothesline and string colorful mittens across it – mostly for decoration but functional, too.Put electric candles inside your windows that overlook your front porch. Nothing so inviting as a soft glow in the evening. Or, dress up an area of your porch with white twinkle lights.A small evergreen shrub can be planted in a big pot on your porch and then transplanted into your yard in the spring.If you are fortunate enough to have outdoor speakers on your porch, play gentle upbeat music when you are expecting guests.

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