Amazing Halloween Lighting Design Ideas That Improve Your Outdoors 49
Amazing Halloween Lighting Design Ideas That Improve Your Outdoors 49

20+ Amazing Halloween Lighting Design Ideas That Improve Your Outdoors

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Getting married in the great outdoors? If your wedding will run into dusk or evening hours, you will want to be sure to plan how to light up the space, both for practical reasons and to create a romantic ambiance. These are some ideas for beautiful lighting for outdoor weddings.First there is tabletop lighting. Candles are the most romantic way to add some soft light to a wedding.

For an outdoor wedding, candles in glass will tend to work best, as they will be protected from the wind. A simple hurricane lantern surrounded by a floral wreath is one lovely idea. Votives in beautiful holders are also great. Particularly interesting are pierced candleholders in colorful glass with a Moroccan flair. The flame will flicker and dance through the pierced design, while the colored glass will cast wonderful reflections on the tables.

Candles can also be used to light many other parts of an outdoor wedding. Walkways can be lined with tiki torches or fancier wrought iron candleholders on tall posts. The tiki torches are also helpful in keeping mosquitoes at bay, which your guests will certainly appreciate. Steps should also be well lit, both for decoration and safety. You could use galvanized pails filled with candles for an informal wedding, classic luminaries, or decorative lanterns. Just be cautious about setting out open flames where guests might step in them!

For an autumn wedding, a fun way to add light is through the use of carved pumpkins. They are a terrific seasonal detail, and will also add soft illumination to your reception. Carved pumpkins do not have to be traditional Halloween jack o’ lanterns, if that is not your style. Almost anything can be carved in a pumpkin, including monograms, geometric motifs, and symbols like hearts or doves. Masses of glowing pumpkins look especially dramatic when placed in a row, such as along the top of a stone wall lining a driveway or behind the bar.

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