Awesome Halloween Decor Ideas With Balloons To Try Right Now 35
Awesome Halloween Decor Ideas With Balloons To Try Right Now 35

30+ Awesome Halloween Decor Ideas With Balloons To Try Right Now

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If you can get two big balloons, one white and one black, then your kids will love these imaginative kids’ Halloween crafts ideas we have for you to turn them into unusual Halloween toys or decorations.If your kids liked Casper the ghost they will enjoy this free kids’ craft idea for making an adorable little ghost as a toy or a decoration for a Halloween party. It is very simple and cute.Give the kids some white grocery bags and ask them to cut out strips about an inch wide by about 8 inches long, avoiding any colored parts so that the strips are all white.

Blow up the balloon, tie a secure knot in the neck to prevent the air escaping, and then hang it up with string somewhere the children can reach it easily.Draw spooky eyes and a mouth on the balloon to make a ghost. Now the kids can stick their white strips of plastic all around the bottom end of the balloon to make a floaty ghost effect. This kid’s craft idea makes a great Halloween decoration!

Make a huge black spider for Halloween with this kids’ craft idea.Blow up the balloon so that it is only partially inflated, and tie a knot in it. Then make a twist in it so that you have a big ball and a little ball. The little ball will become the spider’s head and should be at the end of the balloon with the opening.

Twist each pipe cleaner around the “neck” of the spider by folding it in half over the balloon and twisting tightly. (Adult help may be needed for this bit as the pipe cleaners have sharp ends that may burst the balloon!) Twist the pipe cleaner in such a way that they resemble the legs of a spider. If you have a careful look at a spider you’ll notice that all legs are on the front part of the spider.Your spider now has eight legs! Fold each leg to make it jointed. Using the white-out, paint scary eyes and fangs on the spider’s face.These balloon crafts are popular and fun free Kids’ Halloween Crafts ideas for Halloween parties.

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