Cool Kids Playroom Design Ideas With Genius Storage To Try Asap 03
Cool Kids Playroom Design Ideas With Genius Storage To Try Asap 03

30+ Cool Kids Playroom Design Ideas With Genius Storage To Try Asap

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Look for pieces of furniture that can double as something else. P’Kolino Kids Furniture has a great option if you are looking for a child’s 1st bed. This P’Kolino 1st Toddler Bed unfolds to become a bed at night, but during the day can fold back up to make a wonderfully large sitting chair for you and your little one to curl up with a good book or take a nap.

If you are looking for storage options for your playroom, consider some items that will help make clean up time a lot easier. The P’Kolino Ottomans are not only great little seating options, but the lid comes off and has great storage capacity. You can just scoot these around to where the mess is, pile all the little pieces of Lego’s, cars, blocks…and the mess is contained in an instant.

Another cute option for the playroom, is the cute toy box, that also doubles as a little sitting bench. Levels of Discovery has some great kids chairs and table sets, toy boxes, rocking chairs, vanities, and revolving bookcases. These are all usually made of wood, and are very reasonable priced.Kidkraft Furniture also offers a variety of children’s table and chair sets. These usually come with 2 chairs, and some of my favorite ones are the ones that include storage bins that fit right under the table. Others have storage options in the center of table, perhaps for art supplies or Lego’s.

The best storage option I have seen is another great set from P’Kolino Kids Furniture. They are the Cubes & Drawers with the snap top storage containers. These storage containers are made to fit perfectly inside the Cube, and the Cubes can be arranged according to your needs. You can create a whole wall storage system, or create a small storage space in the playroom. Your options are endless because these stack on top of each other, and fit perfectly beside each other.

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