Amazing Harry Potter Themes Décor Ideas O Try Asap 40
Amazing Harry Potter Themes Décor Ideas O Try Asap 40

30+ Amazing Harry Potter Themes Décor Ideas O Try Asap

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With the smashing success of the recent movie, it’s only natural that adult Harry Potter costumes have become all the rage this Halloween. This year, why not get in touch with your nice side by dressing up as everyone’s favorite hero and wizard, Harry Potter? Or, submit to the dark wizard within by designing a spooky Voldemort costume! Both are fairly easy costumes to make, consisting mostly of robes, wands, and maybe a broomstick for a bit of added flair.

Obviously, if you decide to see what it’s like to live in Harry’s shoes for an evening, you’ll need those perfectly round framed glasses (check your local drugstore for the proper style reading glasses, and just snap the lenses out, or pick up a pair at any costume shop) and that famous lightning bolt shaped scar (a bit of make-up will work, or you can really make it stand out by purchasing a theatrical make-up kit, which should also be available at your local drugstore).

A Voldemort costume requires no more than a black robe, a wand, and a little make-up to help look just as evil and pale as the Dark Lord himself. Of course, there’s also Professor Snape, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Hermione Granger, a scary Dementor – the only limit to the adult Harry Potter costume you choose is your own imagination!

Now that you’ve figured out how to design your very own adult Harry Potter costume, why not let your friends and family in on the fun by hosting your very own Harry Potter-themed Halloween party? Just a little imagination is all it takes to turn your living room into the lounge at Gryffindor or Slytherin, and with a few candles your dining room and kitchen can be transformed into the Great Hall at Hogwarts!

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