Unusual String Lights Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Patio 16
Unusual String Lights Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Patio 16

30+ Unusual String Lights Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Patio

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Providing the proper lighting for outdoor parties and social gatherings can pose quite a challenge especially if budget is limited.  Ordinary lights might be too harsh and bright.  Multiple small fixtures such as table lamps and floor lamps are just too tedious to set up.  They are also not safe to use outdoors.  Outdoor lighting strings may be the perfect solution to this dilemma.

String lighting use small wattage bulbs and emit a soft ambient glow that isn’t too dim or too bright.  Almost everyone probably has a set or two of this type of lighting that they use as Christmas decor.  You can place them indoors or outdoors and can easily set it up safely on your Christmas tree, garden bushes or outer portions of your home.  They look particularly good in gazebos and on the arches of your front patio.  You can use zip ties or a staple gun to attach them to things.

There are different types of outdoor lighting strings depending on what you will use it for.  Rope Lights are available in assorted colors and are available in discount stores and home centers.  Rope lights can be strung end to end and are great for homes, farms or other areas that need even lighting.  They can also be used inside tent canopies and run along fences and outlines of garden trellises.  Rope lights produce good subtle lighting effect underneath garden benches.

Outdoor String Lighting that use larger bulbs are usually bought in 10 foot lengths and can be purchases at Target and party supply stores.  These are too large for table tops, buffet tables or accent pieces and are often hung overhead, on fences and larger areas that need lighting that’s brighter than what small bulbs can produce.

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