Creative Diy Dorm Canopy Beds Design Ideas That You Should Have 44
Creative Diy Dorm Canopy Beds Design Ideas That You Should Have 44

20+ Creative Diy Dorm Canopy Beds Design Ideas That You Should Have

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Traditional European canopy beds were made from metal or wood with grand intricate decorations and carvings and thick drapes. Traditional Chinese canopy beds were more delicate in design and had two extra posts. The designs were typically Chinese with dragons and lattice work. Modern bed frame used in America has been more along the European lines. The canopy style modern bed frame is made from metal and wood like traditional ones but with less carvings and having clean, uncluttered lines. They are designed to suit minimalist modern interiors.

Modern canopy bed frames are made from pine, oak or a mixture of hardwood, while the metal ones come in a range of colors like white, black or even trendy colors like bright blue or pink. Modern canopy beds have simple and light canopy fabrics that look pleasing to the eye and are yet easy to maintain. You can choose to go the traditional or modern route depending on the rest of your interior d├ęcor and personal taste.

When designing children’s bedrooms, there are many choices available to parents. You must be flexible when making your decision regarding modern bedroom furniture for your kids’ bedroom. First consider the bed style and type for this will be the largest piece of furniture. Some parents will prefer to go in for a Captain’s bed while others may settle for a bunk bed. Even with a bunk bed, there are many options like the loft kind that will allow kids to have the sleeping area on top with the bottom used for a desk. If there are two kids, get a bunk bed that can later be separated into twin beds.

If your kids have lots of friends, chances are there will be frequent sleepovers. So, consider either a bunk bed with the option of a trundle bed underneath or a separate trundle bed that can fit under a Captain’s bed and offers more sleeping space. All children’s bedrooms need plenty of storage space. So, consider a Storage bed where the storage space is under the bed where kids can learn to organize their own toys, games, shoes, socks etc. Apart from this, kids will need some drawers that are deep and wide.

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