Top Bookshelves Design Ideas With Tree Branch Collections 20
Top Bookshelves Design Ideas With Tree Branch Collections 20

30+ Top Bookshelves Design Ideas With Tree Branch Collections

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Are your shelves as enticing as the literary titles your displaying? Trying to avoid the mundane packed straight row of books? When designing a room, bookcases are sometimes overlooked and many find accessorizing them somewhat intimidating. A bad arrangement can seriously humble a grand bookcase as with just the opposite, a humble bookcase case can become grand with some thoughtful accessorizing.

Bookshelves can be a perfect place to also showcase everything from collectibles, photographs to books and decorative boxes. There is not just one way to dress a bookcase, each needs a custom treatment. Rests assure I won’t just turn you loose with that in mind. I have provided you with a quick road map to decorating and arranging your bookshelves.

Placement of the shelves is essential. Most books are 8-10″ tall, but larger books can range up to 11-12″. Bookcases usually have adjustable shelves, so when determining how to space the shelves, you need to first take inventory of all your books.

Book collections are usually the same in size, keep these grouped and find similar ones in size. Measure the largest book and place on shelf with at least 2″ allowance for easy removal. Set the shelf at this height. Shelf spacing does not have to be an equal distant apart. Having a row of small books in an oversized space will be a waste of space and feel off.

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