Affordable Bathroom Design Ideas With Japanese Theme To Have Asap 23
Affordable Bathroom Design Ideas With Japanese Theme To Have Asap 23

30+ Affordable Bathroom Design Ideas With Japanese Theme To Have Asap

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Small Japanese bathtubs are perfect for homes with smaller bathrooms because they are originally designed for just this purpose. Even though they take up less space, they still provide you with enough water to immerse your body in as they are nice and deep. Also known as small Ofuro bathtubs in Japan, they are now widely accepted in the West so they are easier to find now than ever before. This article will provide you with some important background on these tubs as well as some tips for finding the best one for you.

Like many furniture and fixtures in homes in Japan, small Japanese bathtubs are small and functional, providing optimal use while taking up only as much space as needed. Currently they are very popular, especially among cosmopolitan homes where westernized Asian furniture is very common.  When looking to add one of these beautiful fixtures to your home you will want to try your standard bathtub showroom; if they do not carry them, they may be able to direct you to a specialty shop that deals primarily in them.

While you may use small Ofuro bathtubs for bathing if you like, in Japan they are traditionally used only for soaking and relaxing; in fact, they will shower before even entering. However you personally wish to use them, you will find that they are incredibly relaxing and stimulating. It is believed by the Japanese that these tubs will reduce stress, help lessen the strain on your heart, and even help you to maintain low blood pressure. An interesting thing about them that you should take note of is that they are built in such as way that you cannot lie down in them. Instead, they have seats so you can sit upright in a relaxed position.

Today you have more options than ever when it comes to picking out just the right small Japanese bathtubs for your home. One of the first things that you should consider, for example, is the materials your tub will be made from. Traditionally in Japan they have been made from Hinoki wood which is known for its antiseptic properties and is very unlikely to rot. These are usually more expensive though, so you may instead choose a tub that is made from more modern materials such as porcelain, copper, and stainless steel. You will find that different materials suit different home decoration themes; for example, copper provides a more rustic look while porcelain is better for homes with a modern design.

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