Latest Floor Lamps Design Ideas With Three Colorful Orbs To Have 24
Latest Floor Lamps Design Ideas With Three Colorful Orbs To Have 24

20+ Latest Floor Lamps Design Ideas With Three Colorful Orbs To Have

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You’ve just moved in and you’ve got a great cozy family room but space is going to be a bit tight. Not to worry a floor lamp will make it right! There are plenty of floor lamp choices available from traditional to ultra trendy. The trick is getting the most from your floor lamps.In another era you’d be considered a maveric. You hate traditional and demand the unusual and trendy from your floor lamp lighting. You truly are a contemporary floor lamp person so are you ready for some floor lamp ideas?

Three light gooseneck with blue glass shades and blue uplights.Three light gooseneck in a funky green, yellow, or red.Multi colored glass cube floor lamp with a cube shaped shades.Kabuki Japanese Floor Lamp.Glendale Lifestyle Paper Shade floor lamp.George Kovac’s Bronze Mini Tower floor lampJust as your home d├ęcor should reflect your personality so should your lighting and these 6 choices will do just that. If you like to stand out from the crowd these will have you a step above the rest.

The 1980s with Huey Lewis and the News and “It’s hip to be square,” really wasn’t that long ago. Okay maybe the song has gone by the wayside but the style certainly hasn’t. Square floor lamps are real hip and a great room addition!Combining round with square looks great. Add a Mission style floor lamp beside your cozy round chair, or how about a square base with funky round shades that use halogen lamps near a window? Combine square and round in the room or in the lamp. Let your creativity flow because the end result will be a very hip room!

Your house is rather like the Jetson’s with every high tech gadget known to mankind yet you’re a traditional gal at heart. Your rooms are filled with trendy furnishings and plenty of metal but something really seams to be missing. Perhaps there’s too much Silicon Valley and not enough of that traditional gal showing through?High Tech Silicon Valley might be very trendy but it needs a touch of beauty to and what better way to accomplish that than with a trendy floor lamp like a Tiffany lamp. When you’re tired of all the high tech gadgets shut them off and enjoy the beauty of your lamp!

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